University Library

The University Library (the UB) is a true hotspot. You can borrow study books, consult reference manuals and prepare for exams, or just chat with friends in the café area.

Easy access

The University Library holds around three million books and journals, from medieval manuscripts to modern legal manuals. Leiden students have easy access to this extensive collection: you can loan books or study in the central library or in one of the faculty libraries every day of the week – including evenings and weekends! The central library has no fewer than 700 study places. An increasing number of the collections are available in digital form.

Rare and valuable documents

The central library regularly exhibits beautiful manuscripts, books and letters. If you would like to view these rare and valuable documents yourself, you can request them in the Special Collections reading room during working hours. Some books are so fragile and precious that you have to wear special gloves to touch them!

Search, read and borrow

You can search the U-CAT online catalogue for publications and log into the U-LIP Library Information Portal via the website of the University Library. This is where you will find all you need to know about reading and borrowing publications.