A brief introduction to South and Southeast Asian Studies

Bachelor’s programme

In your first year you will follow core courses designed to give you a basic understanding of the history, cultures, and modern societies of South and Southeast Asia.

Discover our Bachelor’s programme in South and Southeast Asian Studies.

South and Southeast Asian Studies is the right choice for you if:

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Future perspectives after South and Southeast Asian Studies

As a graduate of this programme, you will have a lot to offer future employers. You will have developed broad academic knowledge, sound analytical skills, and a good understanding of a specific region. You will also be comfortable operating in different cultural environments.

These abilities will make you a suitable candidate for a broad range of international positions. You will be able to express yourself well both verbally and in writing, and you will have developed an independent and critical mindset – all good for your future prospects.

Testimonial Jule Forth - in brief

Why did you choose South and Southeast Asia Studies?
‘When I was 16 I visited India for the first time and I became very fascinated by the Country. I want to work for an organization with a focus on Asia like Unicef or Danc4Life. Since this is my goal, I wanted my study to match with my goal for the future.’