South and Southeast Asian Studies: get to know Indonesia, Tibet, India

Are you interested in India, Indonesia or Tibet, or any of the other countries of South and Southeast Asia? Their politics, religions, music, films, architecture, or literature? Are you curious about their history, or is your focus more on the present and future? Would you like to learn a language that will give you access to new cultural worlds? Are you curious about the history of the region, or is your focus more on the present and the future? The English-taught bachelor’s programme in South and Southeast Asian Studies offers you a wide range of options for studying this region in all its diversity.

Study the core of Asian civilisation

The southern rim of Asia, stretching from Tibet through the Indian subcontinent to Burma, Thailand, the South China Sea, and the Indonesian archipelago, is the core of Asian civilisation and the most important axis of movement and exchange in human history. Hinduism and Buddhism were both born and spread there, Islam achieved its greatest outreach there, and the lure of its rich commerce led the colonial expansion of Europe to begin there.

Today South and Southeast Asia is a dynamic, beautiful, and promising region, home to almost a third of the world’s population, almost two thirds of its Muslim population, and the majority of its rapidly growing, successful developing economies. Endlessly diverse in languages and cultures, the countries of South and Southeast Asia are united by increasingly strong democratic values, and by a growing orientation toward global markets.

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More about South and Southeast Asian Studies

“South and Southeast Asian Studies looks at a beautiful and dynamic region in terms of history, politics, economy and culture. The programme engages with all these different points of view and teaches you how they all interact with each other. Right now, the economies of South and Southeast Asia are growing rapidly which makes it a very interesting region to study.”

Follow the focus areas of this programme:

South Asian & Tibetan Studies

Indonesian Studies