Studying and living in The Hague

Living in The Hague, the international city of peace, justice and security

As a student of Security Studies, you can choose to live in either the city of The Hague or Leiden. International students can by supported by the University in their search for apartments in The Hague. Visit the University’s housing website for more information on the possibilities. Here you may also ask for assistance in finding housing.

The city of The Hague

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Discover & Experience The Hague or take part in the HOPweek.

Tip: The HOP

If you’re going to live in The Hague and study at one of Leiden University’s The Hague based institutions, you can take part in the first official The HOPweek! It is a 5-day introduction programme for all Dutch and international students in The Hague. Two mentors will guide your group of about 15 students throughout an amazing programme. They will show you around the city and the beach, you will visit your faculty and meet students from all different studies. You will be introduced to all student initiatives and get to know The Hague’s vibrant night life. Also, The HOP will show you what The Hague has to offer in the area of politics and international relations.