In brief

Security challenges rank among the most pressing issues of modern times. The safety of individuals, organisations, businesses and nation states is under threat from all directions, at local, regional and international levels. Think of threats such as international terrorism, organised crime, cyber incidents, civil unrest, urban riots and natural or industrial disasters. Both technological and social developments have led to the rise of a number of complex security and safety challenges, and these may affect societies and people across the globe.

Are you interested in learning about these modern-day security and safety challenges? Would you like to understand and analyse these challenges in an academic way? Would you like to contribute to addressing them at a strategic level in public or private organisations? Then this bachelor programme is the right match for you.

Critical attitude, academic perspective

We believe that addressing security and safety challenges requires an academic perspective, a critical attitude and knowledge of all relevant factors of specific security and safety challenges. Using theoretical lenses, we unravel security cases by focusing on the political, historical and societal context, but also on governance structures, institutions and the role of the media.

Security issues are varied and evolve rapidly. Assessing modern-day complex security challenges and thinking about ways of addressing them requires knowledge and skill. The Security Studies programme challenges you to combine critical thinking with a practical attitude and helps you develop into an all-round, academically trained security specialist.

Is Security Studies the programme for you?

If this sounds like you, the Security Studies programme is the perfect match.

Future prospects after the Security Studies BSc programme

After completing the programme, you will be qualified to continue with a relevant master’s degree at Leiden University or elsewhere. After that, you could pursue your career in areas such as think tanks, government bodies, NGOs, or the police, as well as in the private sector, where strategic roles with respect to security are becoming increasingly important.

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