What is matching?

Matching is a required component of your registration for the Security Studies programme. By participating in the matching activity, you will become familiar with the way in which content is provided within the Security Studies programme. A key aspect of this is discovering whether or not Security Studies is a fit for you.

Once you have finished the required matching procedure, you will have:

The matching activity consists of a Small Private Online Course (SPOC) and will require approx. 15 hours to complete. During the SPOC, lecturers from the programme will briefly introduce potential students to a number of core concepts from the security domain. By the end of the course you will be asked to take a test. Your performance on the test has no influence on whether or not you will be accepted to the programme, but it helps to determine whether Security Studies is a good match for you.

For whom?

For students with a diploma from a Dutch educational institution, completing the matching procedure is a mandatory requirement for enrollment in the Security Studies programme. All others are highly recommended to participate in the matching procedure as it could help to make an informed decision.

All students will receive an invitation to the matching procedure once you start the enrollment procedure for Security Studies.


You can participate in the matching procedure whenever it is convenient for you. Just as is the case for other bachelor programmes, you can register for Security Studies until May 1st. You will have to have completed the entire matching activity programme before that date.

You are only allowed to complete the matching procedure once. During the matching period, you can plan for yourself when you will work on the matching activities. Remember, it is important that you fully complete the procedure. Only once you have reached the end of the course and taken the final test will you have completed the “required matching” component.

We strongly recommend that you begin working on the matching activity as soon as you have decided that you want to participate in the Security Studies programme, so that you know as soon as possible whether or not this is the right degree for you.

What’s the next step once the matching activity is complete?

Your completion of the matching activity is registered automatically and processed within 10 business days. Your feedback will be available to you directly after completion in the message inbox of the SPOC platform. You will not receive the feedback by email.

The feedback will provide an indication of the degree to which the Security Studies programme meets your expectations, opportunities, and ambitions. Once you have fully completed the matching procedure and you meet the programme’s usual entry requirements, you will be permitted to register to participate in the Security Studies programme at Leiden University.

In addition

We strongly recommend that, in addition to the required participation in the SPOC and completion of the final test, you also follow the MOOC Security & Safety Challenges in a Globalized World course, as it provides more in-depth information and a better idea of what Security Studies involves.