Why Leiden University?

International Bachelor in Psychology


Research is an important component of psychology, from experimental research in the lab to questionnaire studies, in-depth interviews and observations in natural situations. In Leiden we have the most modern facilities at our disposal, including a Science Lab, EEG Lab, Driving Simulator and Baby Lab. Students cooperate in studies carried out in these labs.

Brain & Development Lab

What is going on in the head of teenagers? At Leiden University’s Brain and Development Lab, prof. Eveline Crone launched the Braintime project. Watch the short movie Braintime at Leiden University: Discovering the developing brain:

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Leiden University

Founded in 1575, Leiden University is the oldest university in the Netherlands. Leiden University is one of the Founding Members of the League of European Research Universities (LERU), an important organization the members of which are evaluated against very high standards of academic excellence. The group of LERU Founding Members includes the universities of Oxford, Cambridge, Geneva and Edinburgh. Leiden continues to score high in the various world-wide rankings of universities. Many of our researchers have published articles in top international scientific journals, including Nature and Science.
Leiden Spinoza laureates (Dutch Nobel Prize)
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Academic Freedom

Academic freedom is one of our core values and we stimulate our students to think independently, keep an open mind and form judgments based on the collection and interpretation of data in their discipline while taking social, scientific and ethical aspects into account.

Leiden, the ‘Centre of Europe’

Leiden lies at the centre of The Netherlands and Europe: it is about half an hour by train from Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Schiphol, our international airport. It is also mere hours from London, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm and Madrid. We have an excellent railway system that connects to railway systems in the rest of Europe.
Where in Leiden

Leiden Psychology bachelor’s programme in Dutch

The Leiden Institute of Psychology has offered a bachelor’s programme for many years and this programme has been evaluated as successful by a committee of peers. We offer our students a broad orientation on psychology in the three-year programme as we cover the basics and all subdisciplines. This allows our students to gain a broad overview of the field and at the same time specialise in a subdiscipline. Professional skills and hands-on experience are an integral part of our programme; they include academic and research skills, as well as professional, practical and communication skills, and orientation on the job market.
Dutch Bacheloropleiding

Master’s programme in English

At Leiden University, we offer both our bachelor’s programme and all our master’s specialisations in English. We offer 10 specialisations in our master’s programme, and 4 specialisations in our research master’s programme. Our professional clinical master’s programmes include both theoretical and practical courses with a great deal of hands-on training and working with children and adults. Our two-year research master’s programmes include theoretical courses as well as practical courses in research methods.
Master’s Programme

Testimonial IBP Alexander Skowron - Why Leiden University

Alexander (Germany) chose Leiden University, because…
Because of the programme and the international environment over here. Also, I really like the city, especially the old part of town.

Testimonial IBP - Winglet Law - Why Leiden University

Winglet (Hong-Kong) chose Leiden University because…
Because not only is it a prestigious university in Europe, but it is also close to Amsterdam, the heart of the Netherlands. Besides, I am fond of the city for it is a small student town, which offers me the chance to explore some local culture.