Study and student associations

We make a distinction between student associations, which are for students from all departments and institutes at Leiden University. Study associations are for students from a particular institute.

Study association Labyrint

The Institute of Psychology has a large active study association with 2,700 members. This study association Labyrint organises activities such as an introduction weekend for first-year students, excursions, conferences, parties and film nights. Every year there is an exchange with another university city, such as Rome or Ghent (Belgium). Members receive the magazine De Sofa and the almanac. On top of that, they get ten to fifteen per cent discount on the books used for the courses!

Psychology student organisation

Students can also attend events that are organised by the SPS-NIP, the student organisation of the Dutch association of psychologists.

Student organisations

Furthermore, Leiden has many, very active, general student associations. Some of them are specifically geared to international students. They organise events throughout the year. The International Student Network’s (ISN) main focus is to help foreign and internationally minded Dutch students to integrate. They have several special interest committees and they organise a great deal for all international students in Leiden. The ISN common room is right next to the Plexus building in the centre of town. The SIB focuses on international relations and Aegee is for European students.