The Leiden Student Support System

Going to university and studying brings many changes in your life. Leiden University has developed a student support system to support you throughout the bachelor’s phase. It will help you to find out in the first year if you have made the right choice or not. Results show that our support system helps students to study better and complete their courses within the time limits set.

First year

In the first year you will be placed in a tutor group of about twelve students: this gives you an easy way to get to know your fellow students. In this group, you will be acquiring your academic skills. Your tutor is the first ‘person to go to’ if you have any questions or problems; he or she will also help you plan and organise your study. You will meet him or her on a regular basis to discuss your study progress. At the start of the year, all first-year students receive an overview of the schedule, lectures, tutorials and examinations for the next part of the academic year. This gives you all the necessary information right from the start of your semester. If you need additional advice or assistance in planning your career here at Leiden, you can contact the Study Adviser.

Second year

After your first year, we will continue to monitor your study progress, and you will be assigned a mentor. You are expected to make a plan in which you indicate which courses you are planning to complete within a given period of time. If necessary, the Study Adviser will also look at the plan with you, in addition to your mentor, and together you can decide whether you have planned the right number of courses and whether you are on schedule.

Assessment of Progress

In your first and second year your study progress will be assessed. The assessment is based on the final requirements of the programme that provide a good indication of whether you will be able to successfully complete the programme within the required period of time. You will be allowed to proceed with the programme if you have completed 45 of the 60 credits by the end of the first year, including one of the Statistics courses. At the end of your second year you must have completed all 60 credits from the first year and also a minimum of 30 credits from the second year. If you do not fulfil these criteria, you will not be allowed to proceed with this programme in Leiden. Personal circumstances will be considered and are part of the assessment. The regular contact with your tutor and Student Adviser during the bachelor’s phase ensures that you will know in advance if you run the risk of not being allowed to continue with your studies.


Part of our student support system is taken care of by the POPcorner. During your study you can rely on all kinds of support facilities, housed in your faculty building. The POPCorner staff will help you if you need assistance with your study planning, academic reasoning or with writing papers. The POPcorner offers workshops and courses, social activities and individual help throughout the year, almost for free. They work in cooperation with your Student Adviser.

Student Facilities

Tip: Improving your English

Do you want to make sure your English language skills are good enough? Take a course offered by Leiden University Academic Language Centre. The language skills courses are a great way to improve your skills and confidence.

Testimonial IBP - Winglet Law - study system

Winglet (Hongkong) feels supported by the university.
The tutors in the work groups help us use our knowledge in a practical way and ensure we also understand the important details. All in all, IBP is a strong community and everyone is willing to offer a helping hand when needed.

Testimonial IBP Alexander Skowron - study system

Alexander (Germany), do you feel you get enough support from the university?
I appreciate the personal support from the study advisers. If you have any questions, they will always help you and you are never left alone.