The right choice for you?

Inquisitive mind

You are no doubt interested in people’s behaviour, but you also need to be aware that psychology is a science. This means you will be trained to look at things from different perspectives and be as objective as possible. Being good at observing people and listening to them is important for a psychologist. A feeling for language helps too and your English is perfect. You have it in you to think systematically and analytically, and to reason clearly. Psychology is a fitting field for people with inquisitive minds.
Bachelor’ programme


In the bachelor’s phase you need to be interested in science, in theories and psychological research. The practical courses are typically part of the master’s phase, as is the internship. Throughout the bachelor’s phase you need to read a great many books and articles and you need to spend a lot of time studying independently and doing homework. And statistics is an important part of the programme. All this requires a healthy dose of discipline.

Academic level

Are you worried about the amount and level of literature you will have to read? If you want to get an impression of the academic level of the literature, try some titles of representative books:

Please note that current courses of the first year may use different titles or newer editions than the ones listed above.

Your first year

Testimonial IBP Elena Bacchini - the right choice

Elena (Italy), why is Psychology the right choice for you?
I really like psychology. They always tell you it’s quite biological, but once you start to study there is a whole scientific part. I didn’t expect that in advance. But it’s not as scary as they say. I expected I had to study a lot and that’s true. I have to study and I have to learn. But because it is interesting, it’s fun to study.