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Studying Psychology

Psychologists are interested in the interplay between emotions and cognition that lies at the basis of the decisions people make. What is love? What happens when people form groups? What is the most effective type of leadership? Is intelligence innate or can it be trained? Why do people get depressed and what can you do about it? Psychologists study such questions in a systematic and scientific way. They explain people’s behaviour and perception based on their research findings.

At Leiden University …

Bachelor’s Programme IBP

Is Psychology right for you?

Are you interested in people’s behaviour? Are you an observant and a good listener? Do you have a feeling for language? Are you able to think systematically and reason logically? As a psychologist you looks at things scientifically and from a distance.
The right choice for you?

Your future

If you are looking to become a fully trained psychologist, you can choose to continue with a Leiden master’s degree in Psychology. An internship is part of the master’s programme

Career Prospects

A master’s degree allows you to find work in many different sectors because psychology touches on all areas of life. Our graduates find jobs in sectors such as health care, education, business and government. They typically work as a therapist, (school) counsellor, trainer, researcher, social worker, or consultant. If you would like to become a researcher you could follow the research master’s programme and then get your PhD while working in one of the research areas.
Career Prospects

Testimonial Arianna Berardi 3

Most of the teachers are really passionate about their field of study. They’re always willing to answer questions after the lecture, that’s nice. They are really curious about our opinions, and are stimulating us to think critically.