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Application deadline

Application instructions for students planning to apply to the IBP for the 2017-2018 academic year will be posted here in August 2016. We will begin accepting applications from October 1, 2016 onward.

Application for the year 2016-2017 opens 1 October, 2015.The deadline for signing up for the IBP programme is 15 February, 2016. All applications should be complete and received by then. Please note: the deadline for the results of your language test has been extended. Please read this document.

Make sure you register in Application Online AND Studielink, do not forget to actually submit your application in Application Online once you have completed uploading all information, and double check if you are registered in the right way in Studielink (you have to choose Bachelor in Psychology, Leiden University, Decentralised selection, Bachelor in Psychology (in English). If you make a different choice it means you are not applying for the IBP programme in Studielink.

If you want to apply for the International Bachelor in Psychology, please first check our entry requirements.

Our Admission and Selection procedure consists of two consecutive steps: the first step is admission, the second step is selection. If you meet the entry requirements, you will be deemed admissible. Those who are deemed admissible are invited to continue on to the next step of the procedure, the selection process.

Please note: Psychology is a popular programme. To continue to guarantee the quality of our programme, Leiden University has set a maximum for the number of bachelor students we accept in the Dutch-language version of the programme (numerus fixus). However, in the past six years, all candidates who applied and met the requirements for the Dutch-language version of the programme were placed.

The International, English-language version of our programme (IBP) has a decentralised selection procedure which means that we select students for the 150 available places in the programme in 2016. In the past three years we have been able to place 85-90% of the candidates who completed the application and selection process.


All students who want to apply for the International Bachelor in Psychology (including Dutch students with a VWO diploma or a HBO P diploma!) have to go through the Admissions Office via our university application system Application Online first, and straight after, sign up for the national application system: Studielink

In Application Online you will have to fill in your personal information and upload (scans of) the following documents:

1: a transcript of your most recent grades. This document should be an official document from your school and should show the name of your school, the kind of diploma you will be getting, the stream/profile (e.g. science, languages, etc), and the predicted grades (for IB and A-levels).
2: your secondary school diploma, or higher education diploma if you already have one.
3: valid proof of language proficiency: for the kind we accept, or if you are exempted from handing in proof see the entry requirements.
4: passport.
5. curriculum vitae. There is no specific format for this, just show us what you have done so far.
6. letter of motivation. Again, no specific format, but do let us know why you want to study psychology, why the international version of the programme, and why in Leiden.

Make sure your application is complete (including all documents) and submitted by 15 February 2016 at the very latest. Applications received after 15 February 2016 will not be accepted for the September 2016-2017 intake.


For Studielink use the British flag in the right-hand top corner to change the language settings in ‘Studielink’ for English, if you happen to be in the Dutch version of Studielink.
Once you have filled in your personal details in Studielink, you get to choose the programme and year. First indicate B Psychology, and make sure you choose academic year 2016-2017. Next, choose decentralised selection, and Leiden University. Once you have chosen that, on the next screen, choose “English language version of the Psychology programme (International Bachelor in Psychology)”. That is the only way you can sign up for the IBP programme in Studielink. Our Studielink Help document should help you register correctly in Studielink.


Once you are regarded as admissible (i.e. you meet the entry requirements) your application will be considered for selection by the Institute of Psychology, and you will be asked to take part in the selection procedure. This is a so-called ‘decentralised selection’. It means that, since we have a limited number of places available (150 in 2016-2017), we will select students based on their profile. This means you will be assessed partly on the basis of your motivation, cv, and grades, i.e. the documents you have uploaded into our application system (Application Online) when you apply. Our decentralised selection is described in an official Leiden University regulations; please follow the link to this document:

In addition, you will be asked to take an admissions test, TSA, on 18 April 2016 (worldwide), and your score on the TSA will also be taken into account in the selection.

The admissions test we are using is the Thinking Skills Assessment (TSA), which has been developed by the Admissions Testing Service. Please go to: for a description of TSA, sample examination papers and an FAQ. The TSA test will be held on 18 April 2016, so you need to be certain that you are available on that day to take the paper and pencil test. You will need to register for the TSA and can only do so through the Admissions Testing Service via Registration for the TSA opens on 14 March 2016 and closes on 1 April 2016. Test results will be released in the week of 2 May 2016.

Please, do not contact a test centre yourself! You have to sign up through the tsaleiden website, and indicate the test centre of your choice. We will give the Cambridge Admissions Testing Service the information on your locations and they will be setting up test centres around the world, including Leiden. You may have to travel some distance to get to the test centre. Note: If you require special considerations or specific facilities at the time of the test due to a learning or functional disorder you must indicate that upon registration for the TSA (and show evidence). The test centres need to know well in advance if they need to organize these for you, and will be notified by the Admissions Testing Service.

Please note: If you are not selected for the IBP, you can still apply for the Dutch-language version of the bachelor’s programme on the condition that you meet the Dutch language and educational level requirements.

APPLICATION DEADLINE: 15 February 2016! TSA selection test: 18 April 2016.
Make sure you apply via Application Online as well as Studielink.
Application fee information
Check out our tuition fees. International students from EU/Switzerland check the DUO website for student loans. Or the Nuffic website for other options.

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