Experience Day

Experience Day – 25 November 2016

Are you interested in the International Bachelor in Psychology (IBP), but not yet sure what it all means? Want to talk to students, visit a lecture and a tutorial? Come to the Experience Day in Leiden and find an answer to all your questions.

Spend a day as a real student

During the Experience Day you will follow a sample lecture and you will also visit the Information Market, where current students of IBP and the coordinators of studies will be available for questions.

*From mid-February 2017 you can apply for the Experience Day in the spring of 2017. *

Programme Last Experience Day

The programme of 25 November 2016 was

Time Programme Experience Day IBP of 25 November 2016
11:15-11:45 Registration
Arrive, get your programme, have a coffee, taste the atmosphere and walk around in the building.
11:45-12:30 Welcome and Presentation International Bachelor in Psychology
Jennifer Martin, MA, Study Adviser IBP will give a presentation about the various sub-disciplines in Psychology, the set-up of our bachelor programme, first year courses, etc.
12:30-13:40 Information Market
The field of Psychology is made up of various sub-disciplines. Our curriculum and organisation reflect that variety and that is why you will find a booth for each sub-discipline. Find out what their specific topics and perspectives are, talk to the lecturers and students. You can take a tour of the building to see if this feels like a place where you could spend your undergraduate years.
13:40-14:10 Sample lectures round 1
You can attend the following sample lectures:
Cognitive Psychology: In love with a robot
by dr. Roy de Kleijn (Cognitive Psychology)
Robots are no longer just manufacturing cars and being sent to far away planets. A new type of robot, the humanoid robot, is getting more and more advanced and human-like. Robots like this will be able to perform household tasks such as cleaning and cooking. This development has many implications: in the future there will be far more interaction between robots and humans. As we all know, extensive interaction with someone can lead you to fall in love with that person. But as we interact more and more with robots, will we be able to fall in love with them as well?
Assignment: In preparation for this lecture, have a look at the following video Loving a Sex Robot: Insanity or reality?
Developmental & Educational Psychology – The adolescent brain
by dr. Sabine Peters
Adolescents are known for their impulsive and risky behavior. Why do teenagers drink so much? Why do most addictions and other psychiatric disorders start in adolescence? These and other questions are currently being investigated by scientists using new and exciting neuro imaging techniques. An important finding so far is that the ‘rational’ brain regions develop for a lot longer than previously thought, until around the age of 22. Also, the brains of adolescents are more sensitive to rewards compared to children and adults. In this lecture, we will focus further on the results from neuro imaging research and explore the relevance for risk taking in daily life.
Assignment: Watch this video and try to think about why you think that teenagers, as compared to other ages, are prone to risk taking behavior.
14:15-14:45 Sample lectures round 2
You can attend the following sample lectures:
Clinical Psychology- “When the experts are agreed…”: diet and depression
by dr. Marc Molendijk
The idea exists, also among scientific experts, that “… diet and nutrition should be regarded as central determinants of mental health …”. We believe that this idea is not correct and will present you the data that underlies our belief.
“When the experts are agreed, the opposite opinion cannot be held to be certain”
Bertrand Russell [1921]
Assignment: Read the article Nutritional medicine as mainstream in psychiatry.
14:45-15:00 Coffee and tea
Closing in the Central Hall

Location & Route

The Experience Day of the International Bachelor in Psychology will take place at the Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences. The faculty is located in the Pieter de la Courtbuilding (Wassenaarseweg 52, 2333 AK Leiden).