Compulsory matching

Did you apply for the International Bachelor’s programme in Psychology? Then you will have to complete our compulsory matching. During this online study module you will get to know our programme and university, our students and professors and the course material of our International Bachelor’s programme in Psychology (IBP).


During the mandatory matching, which takes approximately 15 hours to complete, you will experience what the IBP programme can offer you. Does the focus and level of the education fit your interests and capacities? What does the IBP programme expect from you? During the online study module you complete assignments, read around 80 pages of literature and watch different parts of web-lectures and other video material (in total approximately 90 minutes of video). This way you can get an impression of our programme. Once you have completed the self-study module it is up to you to decide if you wish to (finalise) continue your application for our IBP programme and start preparing for your studies in Leiden. Your performance on the assignments does not influence your chances of being admitted to the programme. The assignments are designed to help you choose the right study programme. The online self-study matching module helps you to find out whether studying Psychology at Leiden University is a good choice for you.


After your application for the IBP in Application Online and Studielink, you will receive an email on the first day of the matching period with instructions on how to enroll in the matching module. The module must be completed during one of the two periods in the admission procedure. There are two periods for matching: 10-20 February or 9-19 June 2017.

Early bird deadline: 15 January

Early Matching period 2017:
Friday, 10th of February at 12:00 (Central European Time-CET) to Sunday, 19th of February at 23:59 (CET)

Application Deadline: 1 May

Final Matching period 2017:
Friday, 9th of June at 12:00 (CET) to Sunday, 18th of June at 23:59 (CET)


After your application for the IBP in Studielink, you will receive an email on the first day of the matching period with instructions for enrolling in the matching module. During the matching period you decide when and where to complete the module. You only need to complete the matching module once. During one of the above mentioned periods, you need to free approximately 20 hours for self-study and completing the matching module online. We strongly advise you to take part in February so that you can confirm your decision to study Psychology in Leiden and you can start making arrangements (like housing and visa) and prepare for your arrival. It is important, however, that you do need to complete it within this period of 10 days. You can, for instance, log in for 2 hours every day and study small parts. Only when you have completed all assignments and fully completed the online study module within the period of 10 days, you have met the requirements for ‘compulsory matching’ and we will continue your registration for the IBP programme at Leiden University.

You’ve taken part in the matching, then what?

Within a month after completion of the matching module you will receive feedback on your assignment and test. Provided you meet the standard entry requirements for the programme, once you have completed the matching module within the set period, you will be admitted to the Psychology programme at Leiden University and you can finalize your enrolment.

Leiden Studysysteem

Leiden Study System

If you decide to study at Leiden University, you will be given good supervision both when making your choice and during your study. Our Leiden Study System helps you to explore possible study options and then to look in greater detail at the programme you have chosen. And if you come here to study, you will have every chance of completing your programme successfully and on time.

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