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Psychology plays a role in every aspect of life and society: in the mental health and wellbeing of people, in education, in recruitment for businesses, in the prevention of accidents, in sports and leisure, in economics and consumer trends, and in the resolution of conflicts between people and countries. Are you interested in people’s behaviour, and would you like to study it? Then becoming a psychologist may be just right for you.
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Since September 2013 we welcome students from all countries and nationalities to our International Bachelor in Psychology. As long as you have an international background, an international orientation or an international future in mind, you should fit right in the programme. Our first and second cohort were made up of students from about 25 different nationalities per cohort; our third cohort has over 30 nationalities. Check How to Apply


Psychology programmes at Leiden University

Elena, IBP student from Italy:
I’ve always been interested in how people think and why they act the way they do.

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