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For bachelor’s students who are willing and able to reach further, Leiden University offers an Honours College. This College allows students to pursue an extra programme in parallel with their bachelor’s study programme. The Honours College programme of the Faculty of Humanities is called the Humanities Lab. The Humanities Lab is for students from all faculties of Leiden University who want to do more in addition to their regular study programme.

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Would you like to know more about studying Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives in Leiden? If so, come visit us at our location to see our lecture rooms and student facilities, to experience the atmosphere and find out what studying at the Faculty of Humanities in Leiden is really like. You can attend your first real lecture, get detailed information about the programme, have a tour of our building and student facilities, and even meet your future fellow students.

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Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives offers an online experience for prospective students to get to know our programme. Start your online experience now!

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I have also been able to put my knowledge about philosophy into practice. I have given an introductory course in philosophy at my old elementary school, and I’ve been a teaching assistant in the degree programme. I was also responsible for an online philosophy course.

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What will students study?
“Among other things, students will study Islamic, Christian, and Jewish writings in Arabic (in translation, of course!) covering such exciting topics as the idea of God, the nature of the human soul, and debates on the role philosophical thinking plays in defining heresy and orthodoxy in Islam.”