In brief

The Leiden Philosophy programme offers you perspectives from around the globe. Traveling through space and time, from Europe, to Iran, to China, and from Antiquity to the present day, you will learn how to challenge unquestioned patterns of thought, and how to develop new perspectives on current issues.

Join the next generation of students to shape philosophy in the 21st century. Prepare yourself for academic or professional pursuits that benefit from critical thinking, analysis and argumentation.

The Big Questions

Philosophy is not afraid to raise Big Questions – What is justice? Do we have free will? What makes life worth living? – while seeking to improve our grasp of current problems in science and society:

Thoughts from around the world

The Leiden programme stands out by involving philosophical traditions from around the world, and focuses on enriching opportunities for comparison and interaction.

You will be able to apply yourself to studying:

The programme combines a variety of methods for discussing complex issues, including historical reconstruction, cross-cultural comparison, conceptual analysis and interpretation theory. Read more about your first year.

Knowledge and competences

During your studies in Leiden you will not only expand your academic knowledge, but will also gain practical skills. These will be important assets for future employment.

You will learn to:

Explore what the Bachelor’s programme in Philosophy has to offer you.

Excellent career opportunities

As a Philosophy graduate you will have developed strong academic competences, combined with resourcefulness and a broad outlook. Your hands-on experience with processing complex ideas will be a powerful tool for future employment. Your intercultural skills will be in high demand in a wide range of fields. Philosophy is an investment that can actually pay off!

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Emilie Roell in brief

Why did you decide to study Philosophy in Leiden?
The nice thing about the programme in Leiden is that the lecturers are very involved and that you are given a lot of freedom to pursue your personal interests. For me, Philosophy is a good stepping stone for my other interests and activities. I will take along all I have learned wherever I go, in my world outlook and my relationships with others.

Testimonial Philosophy in brief

What is comparative philosophy?
“Comparative philosophy begins with the presupposition that the great questions philosophy asks exceed the intellectual resources of any one culture or discipline. When asking what it means to live a worthwhile life, for instance, Buddhist ideas about empathy and compassion are just as relevant as Aristotle’s insights about friendship and courage.”