Bachelor’s programme

The bachelor’s programme takes three years. The language of instruction is English. The teaching is based on high level academic research and stands in a long tradition of Leiden scholarship. Your lecturers and supervisors will include internationally recognised scholars in a wide range of philosophical disciplines.

Develop your competences

The programme gradually prepares you for independent study and research. The first year focuses on study skills like reading, argument analysis, and writing short essays. The second year focuses on presentation skills, argument design, and advanced writing. In the third year you will be combining these skills in specialist seminars, with the bachelor’s thesis as your final proof of competence.

Year 1: Acquiring the basics

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Year 2: Advancing knowledge and skills

Year 3: Spreading your wings

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Jordy Hesseling bachelor programme

What makes the programme special?
I think it has top-notch lecturers. They’re motivated teachers who have a passion and an affinity for passing their knowledge on to their students, which is something I greatly value. Cultural Philosophy, one of my favourite courses, is about German philosophers. You are challenged by your instructors to take the material seriously and to get yourself to think the way a great philosopher, such as Nietzsche, would. If something still isn’t clear after a lecture, the instructors are always willing to help you.

Testimonial Philosophy bachelor programme

What will students study?
“At Leiden University, you’ll be able to study what Confucian authors say about social harmony and virtuous character alongside what Nietzsche says about love. A comparative philosopher is a cultural listener, and listening is the skill of cooperation. Most of our personal and professional lives become more successful for it.”