International Studies: an introduction

Studying International Studies

As a student of International Studies, you will choose one of the eight world regions offered in the Bachelor’s programme and you will make an in-depth study of the cultural, political, economic and historical characteristics of your chosen region.

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Future prospects after BA International Studies

As a Bachelor’s graduate of International Studies, you will speak several languages, have a good understanding of different cultures and regions and will be good at recognising the connections between different regions. You will have an international network, as you have been part of an international classroom.
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What do you learn in International Studies?
With students from around 50 nationalities, the classroom is truly international, which in itself is a unique study experience! By combining a broad basis of knowledge and a specialisation in a particular world region, you learn to think at an international level, without losing sight of what is happening in that region. In sum, you learn how to be an engaged world citizen!

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