Experience Day

Experience Day International Studies: Spend a day as a real student

Are you interested in the BA programme International Studies but not yet sure what it all means? Want to talk to students, visit a lecture and a tutorial? Come to the Experience Day in The Hague and find an answer to all your questions. You will be asked to do a homework assignment, which will be provided after signing up for the event.


The next Experience Day will take place in November 2016. You’ll be able from register in mid-October on.

Bring your parents?

Would your parents like to join you at the Experience Day? Not a problem! The lecture and tutorials are only available for students, but don’t worry: we’ll keep your parents busy while you’re experiencing our programme! They can join a tour through The Hague, or ask questions they might have about the programme.

Are you not able to come?

If you are not able to visit one of the Experience Days, but do want information about the BA programme International Studies, please let us know. We will try to find another solution.

Testimonial Experience Day studentambassador

“My name is Lorenzo, I am the student ambassador of the BA programme International Studies. Nice to see that you will join us for a day of lectures and tutorials! If you have any questions during the Experience Day, don’t hesitate to ask me.”