Future prospects after Bachelor International Studies

Practicing International Studies

In their final year, students of the bachelors programme in International Studies at Leiden University work on a consultancy case as part of the module ‘Practicing International Studies’. It is the perfect way to get some hands-on working experience!

A master’s diploma will improve your chances of finding a job at an academic level.
Master’s programmes

The route to your future

The decisions you take in your student time have an important impact on your future. Leiden University offers you a wide range of opportunities to develop your talents: you can choose from internships, committee work, a minor, Master’s programmes and studying abroad. Take the opportunity to discover what you want to do after your studies. The advisers at the Student Career Service will be happy to tell you more about what help is available.
Student Career Service

A future in academia

If you are a talented and motivated student, you can also decide to work in the academic world. After your Bachelor International Studies you can opt for a two-year Research Master’s programme. This might well be the start of your academic career as a lecturer or researcher.

Jobs and working activities

As a graduate of International Studies you will have a lot to offer future employers. Knowledge of languages and cultures is crucial for international contacts, so you will be ideally suited for positions where such contacts are key. You will also have been trained in understanding intercultural differences and you will be a specialist in the particular region you have chosen to study.

You might find yourself working in a whole range of different fields: as a policy officer in international relations for the national government, or for a non-government organisation (NGO), as a manager in international business, a diplomat, journalist or editor for a newspaper, an independent adviser on diversity issues, a member of the staff of a museum or a publishing house, an adviser on intercultural relations or an international commercial agent.

In 2015, the Student Career Service carried out a survey on the jobs and activities of the alumni of the Faculty of Humanities. The survey showed that alumni of International Studies work primarily in the following areas:

Preparation for career or further study
The culminating Practising International Studies (PRINS) consultancy project in your final semester provides skills and insights that lift you above and beyond students in other International Studies programmes or Humanities faculties. It provides you with a practical ability to construct and carry out academic research; then apply that research to solving a real case for a real organisation.

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