Bachelor’s programme International Studies

The English-taught full time Bachelor’s programme International Studies takes three years, and you will graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in Arts. In principle, you will be studying for 40 hours a week – a full working week. Around 16 hours per week will be spent in lectures, tutorial groups and language training. In the rest of the week you will be studying independently.

First year International Studies

Starting with a broad introduction, after the first half year (semester) you will choose an area for further specialisation and a corresponding language to study.

Area Languages
East Asia Mandarin, Japanese, Korean
Latin America Spanish, Portuguese
Middle East Arabic, Persian, Turkish, Modern Hebrew
North America French, Spanish
Russia and Eurasia Russian
South Asia and Southeast Asia Hindi, Indonesian
Africa Swahili, French, Portuguese
Europe French, Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, German

In the second semester you will start to study the history of your chosen region, primarily focused on developments after the Second World War.
For more information check out the First year of International Studies.

Second year International Studies

For detailed information on courses check out the e-Prospectus.

Third year International Studies: bridging to career

In the First Semester you will have a number of options to choose from:

For detailed information on courses check out the e-Prospectus.

Second Semester third year:

Testimonial Paula Bachelor’s programme

What is a tutorial?
The tutorials are one of the most important components of the BA International Studies. In small groups of 12 to 15 students, it is in the tutorials that students put into practice what they learn in the lectures, under the guidance of a group of young international tutors who have already obtained their PhD or Master’s degree. Tutorials are interactive, lively and dynamic!

Tip: Improve your Arabic

Where better to learn Arabic than in Rabat, Morocco? During your studies, you may opt for a semester at The Netherlands Institute in Morocco!