Why Leiden University?

Political Science and International Politics at Leiden University: No. 25 in the world!

The Political Science degree programme at the University of Leiden has a strong academic reputation. The 2016 QS World University Rankings places Leiden in the Global Top 25. Within the Netherlands, Leiden is in first place.

Leiden University: tradition and innovation

Leiden University was founded in 1575 and has become one of Europe’s leading international research universities. Studying here, you will encounter a strong sense of tradition and a high academic standard. At the same time, Leiden University encourages and facilitates innovation.

Proven programmes

The International Relations and Organisations (IRO) programme reflects our embedment in tradition and drive for innovation: on the one hand, IRO offers a new, one-of-a-kind bachelor’s curriculum; on the other, our high-ranking staff and state-of-the-art approaches have proven themselves in our other Political Science bachelor’s and master’s programmes.

In IRO, you address transboundary issues from a social sciences point of view. This specialised bachelor’s programme has a strong focus on current world problems, with particular attention paid to the role of major powers such as China, Russia, the USA and the EU, and organisations such as the IMF, NATO, UN, and the World Bank.

Engaged lecturers

You will be working with engaged lecturers, who will inspire you to intertwine social sciences theories with international political practice. They are experts in their fields and have extensive practical experience through, for example, their advisory work for government organisations.

In addition to acquiring substantive knowledge, you will be working on developing your academic and professional skills, for example in statistics and research methods. You will also develop your skills in text and discourse analysis, as well as in debating. In IRO these skills are taught and trained in separate courses, and related to the content of the core courses. That is unique in The Netherlands.

By studying such subjects you are building a foundation that will benefit you in your future career, whether as part of an international organisation, or as a journalist or consultant.

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