International Relations and Organisations Experience Day

Date: Saturday 1 April 2017
Time: 12:30-16:30
Location: Leiden University, Wijnhaven Building, Turfmarkt 99,2511 DP The Hague, The Netherlands

Unfortunately the registration for Experience Day on April 1st is closed. In the fall of 2017 there will be new Experience Days which you can attend. See the programme below for an impression of the day.


Niels van WilligenAre you curious about what’s driving conflict and cooperation in our increasingly interconnected world? Do you wonder about how international law and institutions are coping with a recent revival of local identities and national interests? Do you hope someday to find a job dealing with these issues—maybe with a national government, a non-governmental organisation like Amnesty International or Greenpeace, or an international organisation such as the EU or UN? Would you like to study in The Hague, the seat of the Dutch government as well as many NGOs and international organisations, known worldwide as the ‘City of International Peace and Justice’?

If so, then come to our Experience Day on 1 April 2017 to learn about Leiden University’s exciting new BSc programme in International Relations and Organisations—the courses, the staff, the total experience. We look forward to seeing you there!

—Niels van Willigen, Director of Studies/Associate Professor

What can you expect?

The IRO Experience Day consists of a welcome and information session about the programme and practical procedures, a lecture followed by an interactive session relating to your homework assignment, and a Q&A session with staff and students. You will also have the opportunity to go on a tour of our brand new building, and to ask any remaining questions you may have during the information market.


Yes! To give you a real idea about what it is like to study at our university and to prepare you as much as possible for the lecture ‘Security in the 21st century world order’, we ask that you do the following assignment:
Read the article ‘The era of mutual assured disruption’ by Mark Leonard and read the EU’s Global Strategy. Both texts are available online:

Mark Leonard, ‘The era of mutual assured disruption’

‘Shared vision; common action: a stronger Europe’

Please prepare an answer for the following questions:
1) Who is Henry Kissinger and what are his views on international politics?
2) Who was Zygmunt Bauman and what does his concept of ‘Liquid Modernity’ entail?
3) What do political scientists mean with world order?
4) What is security?
5) Does the EU’s Global Strategy sufficiently deal with the challenges mentioned by Mark Leonard according to your own judgement?

Bring your parents

We can imagine that your parents are also interested in our programme, the facilities and the city. They are very welcome to attend the information sessions and we have a special tour of the building and Q&A session planned for them.

Programme Saturday 1 April 2017

Time Activity
12:30-13:00 Central Hall: Arrival, registration and coffee/tea
13:00-13:45 Lecture Hall: Presentation on the IRO Programme and Student Life.
13:45-13:55 Lecture Hall: Presentation on Practical aspects and procedures.
13:55-14:10 Lecture Hall: Q&A.
14:10-14:45 Café, 2nd floor: Break and information market
14:45-15:45 Lecture Hall: Lecture ‘Security in the 21st century world order’.
14:45-15:45 TBA: Parallel session for Parents: Q&A and Tour of building.
15:45-16:15 Tour of the Wijnhaven building (2511 DP The Hague, The Netherlands)


Do you have any questions about the Experience Day? Contact our Student Ambassador Siebe de Roest
Other questions you can ask the Studyline by phone +3171 527 1111 or email