Bachelor’s programme

International Relations and Organisations (IRO) is a three-year BSc degree programme. All classes, assignments, and other study activities are in English. Studying is a full-time endeavor: you will spend around 16 hours per week attending lectures and tutorials. The rest of the week you will be studying independently or with your fellow students.

As an IRO student, you follow courses such as International Organisations and Actors in World Politics. Furthermore, you attend more general courses, such as International Politics, Comparative Politics, and Global History. You will also develop academic and professional skills: statistics, research methods, text analysis, and debating.

Your first year: structure and courses

The second year offers you in-depth courses focusing on the following themes:

In the third year, you zoom in on a specific topic of your choice, for example civil wars as part of the International Security theme. In addition, you can choose to do electives or a minor, study abroad, or do an internship. The advantage of The Hague is that you will be surrounded by (international) political organisations that may be offering internships.

Matching master’s

The bachelor programme is an ideal preparation for a high-level master’s programme. Political Science offers a

Other political science bachelor’s programmes

IRO is a specialisation of the Dutch (and partially English) taught BSc in Political Science. In addition, you can also opt for Internationale Betrekkingen en Organisaties (in Dutch and partially English; in the city of Leiden).