Why Dutch Studies in Leiden?

Leiden, close to Amsterdam and The Hague

Leiden is an authentic Dutch town with beautiful historic monuments and canals. Student life is concentrated predominantly in the town centre. The University, the station and most of the shops are all within walking distance. Furthermore, Leiden has a huge student community. There are many interesting museums, such as the National Museum of Ethnology, the Municipal Museum ‘De Lakenhal’ and the Siebold House. Leiden is situated near larger cities such as The Hague, Rotterdam and Amsterdam: less than 30 minutes by train!

International contacts

Leiden University has always been very internationally orientated. Students and staff from all parts of the world find their way to Leiden. The numerous partnerships and other contacts with academic institutions in many countries emphasise the University’s international focus.

League of European Research Universities

The focus on academic research of international standing is characteristic of the Leiden signature. Leiden University fully intends to remain among the top Universities in Europe. The University is founder and member of the League of European Research Universities and cooperates closely with other prominent universities such as Oxford, Heidelberg and Leuven. Leiden also maintains contacts with many universities outside Europe.

Why Dutch Studies?

Why Dutch Studies?
‘I found myself drawn to the Dutch Studies program because of the unique opportunities that it offered: the chance to learn a new language, to simultaneously learn about and experience a new culture first hand, and at the same time earn my bachelor’s degree.’