Use your talent

At Leiden University you will have every opportunity to exploit your potential to the max.

Honours College

The programme is aimed at highly motivated bachelor’s students who want to get more from their study and who are capable of handling extra subjects. If you opt for the Honours College, you will take an additional programme in parallel to your normal study programme. You can choose from ten Honours tracks in different fields.

It is possible to start the Honours College as early as the first year of your study programme. You can apply for the ‘orientation activity’ for your chosen Honours track half-way through the year, or even after your first year. The programme continues up to and including the third year. If you complete the whole programme, you will be awarded an Honours Certificate.

To find out the criteria for taking part in the Honours College, check out the information on the website.
Honours College (in Dutch).

Combine your studies with arts and music

Are you an ambitious student with dual talents, and do you want to work on your development, both in the artistic and the scientific field? Then you can combine two full programmes, studying in Leiden and The Hague. Leiden University and the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, Design, Music and Dance in The Hague collaborate in the Royal Academy of Arts. Mentors do all they can to resolve any practical issues caused by such a dual programme. They will help you to ensure that the programmes of both studies match your wishes as far as possible.

For more information: Dual Arts and Science programme.