Entry requirements

The requirements for starting Dutch Studies are an equivalent of a Dutch VWO diploma and proficiency in English.

Diploma requirements

You will be admitted to the Bachelor’s programme in Dutch Studies if you have:

Leiden University’s Admissions Office published some examples of certificates equivalent to the Dutch VWO. Please note that these are only examples. Please apply via our online application system. The University’s Admissions Office decides whether your certificate meets the requirements.

English proficiency requirements

It is essential that you start your studies in this programme with a good level of written and spoken English, as the programme is taught in English, and you will have to do all your studying and writing in English. It is therefore important when you apply, to include proof of your proficiency in English.

You do not need to provide proof of your level of proficiency if you:

If the above does not apply to you, you will have to provide proof of your proficiency in English, using one of these tests. Leiden University accepts three kinds of official tests:

You have to arrange the test yourself. The test results are valid for two years.

Online Application System

Non-Dutch and/or non-VWO degree students may apply online through the Leiden University’s Online Application System.

For more information, see the website for Application and Admission.