Choosing your own path

In the third year of your bachelor’s programme in Dutch Studies part of your studies will include a specialisation in Dutch Literature, Linguistics, History or Art History. You can decide which specialisation you wish to follow after consulting the Co-ordinator of Studies.

Your specialisation will depend primarily on what you are interested in. And what you want to do after your bachelor’s. Have you already got a preference for a particular master’s or specialist subject? Do you want to prepare for a particular profession? By making the right choice, you can set the best course for your studies.

Extra lectures

There is always the opportunity to follow extra lectures within your programme. Or you can opt for an extra subject within another department which complements your specialisation, for example, history or art history.

If you are an excellent student who can handle more besides your regular bachelor programme, there is Humanties lab: challenging, small-scale and intensive lectures by leading academics on different elective topics.


Leiden University is the only place where you can take a minor by means of a practical training programme. The perfect opportunity to prepare yourself for the job market. Discuss this with the Co-ordinator of Studies at the programme of Dutch studies.

Tip: Gain working experience

Gaining work experience during your third year is a good way to find out what it’s like to be at work. In due time you will discuss the relevancy of the work placement or internship with the Co-ordinator of Studies of your programme.