Bachelor’s programme in Dutch Studies

The bachelor Dutch Studies takes three years. After graduation you receive a Bachelor of Arts (BA) degree. For students entering the programme with an advanced level of Dutch, it is possible to complete the programme within two years. There is also the option to follow a one-year programme

First year

In your first year you will:

At the end of your first year you will have attained a substantial level of Dutch. Read more about your first year.

Second year

In your second year you will:

More and more you will be able to understand and take part in conversations with native speakers of Dutch.

Third year: structured minor and bachelor’s assignment

In you third year you will:

The Co-ordinator of Studies can help you make up your mind about your programme. Read more about choosing your own path during the third year.

Bachelor’s assignment

You will conclude your bachelor’s study with a bachelor’s assignment. You discuss the topic of the assignment with one of your lecturers. This topic will be in line with your own interests and your specialisation.

Examples of bachelor’s assignments:

One-year programme

Maybe you are interested in Dutch, but you do not want to spend three years at university. If so, then it is possible to take Dutch Studies for a year at Leiden University. At the end of the first year you will be awarded a transcript and a so-called ‘propaedeuse’, a first-year diploma, if you complete all the first-year courses successfully. It is good to know that with the ‘propaedeuse’ of Dutch Studies you get access to almost all bachelor programmes in Dutch. There are three one-year programmes available:

Programme I-A

Programme I-B

Programme II

Testimonial Sammiejo Stubb - bachelor programme

What do you think of the programme?
‘The pace may seem intimidating in the beginning, but the teachers here really know their stuff. They will challenge you to learn without setting the bar too high. And there is a good balance between diversity and focus in the Dutch Studies programme.’