Study and student associations

Your student time in Leiden is about more than just studying. Leiden has a very rich student life, where you can choose to become a member of one of the various study and student associations, join the University Sports Centre or enroll in one of the creative courses organised by LAK.

Student associations

Everyone who studies in Leiden can join a student association. Leiden has around 20 different student associations: social clubs, religious associations, sport clubs, music associations and international clubs. Members of these associations come from all the different faculties and from various years.

Student associations give you the opportunity to develop your organisational, communication and social skills, in parallel with your study. A number of these student associations, such as the International Student Network, offer special opportunities for international students.

Leiden student associations

Study associations

Study asociations are related to a particular department and are run by students of the department. A study association organises purely social activities, such as social get-togethers and parties, as well as study-related activities such as lectures, excursions and study trips.

Leiden study associations

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