Master’s programmes Arts Media and Society

Do you want to follow a full academic programme? If so, after obtaining your bachelor’s degree you can continue with a master’s programme. Once you have successfully completed your master’s you will have earned the title of Master of Arts (MA).

Four types of master’s If you have obtained a bachelor’s diploma in Arts, Media and Society, then Leiden University offers four types of master’s:

One-year master’s

A one-year master’s in Arts and Culture (60EC) which follows on from the Bachelor’s programme in Arts, Media and Society. Within this master’s programme you can opt for the following specialisations:

Research master’s

A two-year master’s programme for if you want to continue in the academic world once you have completed your studies. The Bachelor’s programme in Arts, Media and Society can be completed with this research master’s:

A master’s in teaching

A two-year master’s which prepares you for a position in education in the Netherlands, for example at a secondary school or in adult education. There are a number of criteria students of Arts, Media and Society have to meet to be eligible for this programme.

Other one-year master’s programmes

For example:

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