Studying Arts, Media and Society

As a student of Arts, Media and Society, you will examine contemporary art practices in order to find new perspectives on global issues. At the Faculty of Humanities, you will make an in-depth study of:

Arts, Media and Society offers you the opportunity to build both broad and specialist knowledge of how arts, media and society interact with one another. Bringing these elements together makes this programme unique in the world. Becoming an authority starts in Leiden!

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Career opportunities

With its broad emphasis on art, media and society and its focus on writing, analysis, and research, the Arts, Media and Society programme provides an excellent arts degree for students seeking excellent training for a variety of careers. A close relationship with local and international museums, archives and art academies offers you many research and job possibilities.

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Arts media society testimonial in brief - lotte pet

What makes the programme special?
“The Arts, Media and Society programme in Leiden stands out because it has an interdisciplinary character; not only does it consist of courses on art history, but it also touches upon concepts and methods from philosophy, anthropology, political sciences, biotechnology and more.”

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