Bachelor’s programme Arts, Media and Society

The English-taught full-time Bachelor’s programme in Arts, Media and Society takes three years, and you will graduate with a Bachelor of Arts degree. In principle, you will be studying for 40 hours a week – a full working week. Around 16 hours a week will be spent in lectures and tutorial groups. In the rest of the week you will be studying independently.

Year 1: Working on fundamental knowledge

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Year 2: Studying cutting-edge developments

Year 3: Theorising intersections and relations

Testimonial arts media and society career prospects

What is the programme about?
“Is this a political speech or a theatrical performance? New technology or an artwork? A religious cult object or cultural heritage? In the interdisciplinary programme Arts, Media and Society you will study the role of artistic practices in society. For one thing is certain: The Arts can barely be separated from societal life.”

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Arts media society testimonial bachelors programme

“In our programme you will work on your debating skills; you will learn to formulate your own opinion and to add that opinion to the debate. It all starts in your classroom where I organise debates about interesting subjects I introduce, such as whether it is justified to genetically modify a human embryo.”