Entry requirements

**The requirements for the Archaeology programme are a Dutch pre-university education (VWO) diploma or equivalent, and proficiency in English.

Diploma requirements

You will be admitted directly to the Bachelor’s programme in Archaeology if you are in the possession of:

In all other cases, no matter whether you are a Dutch or an international student, you have to apply for admission first, before you can register for the programme.

English proficiency requirements

It is essential that at the start of your Archaeology programme you have a good level of proficiency in written and spoken English, as the programme is taught in English, and you will have to do all your studying and writing in English. (For Dutch students, most courses will be offered at least partly in Dutch during the first year.)

You will be exempted from having to take the English test if you have:

Please, submit proof when you apply for admission.

If the above does not apply to you, you will have to provide proof of your proficiency, by means of one of the tests below. You have to organise the test yourself. You can take the test before or after you apply for admission. Please, be advised to prepare and register in time. Leiden University accepts three kinds of official tests:

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