What is Studielink?

Studielink is the central application and registration organisation for Dutch universities. Applications to Dutch universities from students with international diplomas should generally be sent directly to the university (check each institution’s policy). Then students must then register via Studielink. Students should always follow the directions given to them by Studielink and the university they are applying to. Students must also be registered with Studielink or they will not be eligible to study when their programme begins each year.

Studielink is not the same as UCAS and it serves a slightly different purpose. You can apply for up to four courses at a time, of which only one can be subject to a lottery (Numerus Fixus). However, you can change the courses you wish to apply for at any time before the enrolment deadline. This gives you the flexibility to ensure you actually end up studying where and what you want.


You can find plenty of information about questions you may have on the Studielink website. If you get completely stuck there is email and telephone support available to you. We have some experience of Studielink and we may be able to help you as a last resort.

How does it work?

Students must go through a number of steps during the enrolment process.

If a student is having trouble understanding what they need to do, or need help, please have them contact their International Programmes Officer in Admissions or their Study Coordinator/Adviser.