Student Support Services

Students in Leiden have access to a range of support services, some of which offer support specifically aimed at international students. You will find an overview of some of these services below.

Student & Educational Affairs

This department is responsible for the administrative aspects of enrolment for international students.

International Student Adviser

The International Student Adviser helps international students who may be experiencing problems within the University, and can also assist students in finding their way around the city.

Academic Co-ordinators

Within the faculties and departments, special co-ordinators are assigned to support master’s degree students, particularly international students, in matters related to the academic content of their programme.

Study Adviser

Every faculty and department has a study adviser. The study adviser can help students with matters related to the academic content of their programme.

Student Counseling Service

The student counsellors can provide you with advice and assistance on issues such as personal and academic problems, and legal and financial matters. They are also able to advise on studying with a disability. One of the team members is the International Student Adviser, who provides assistance especially to international students.


Leiden University College The Hague is a residential college requiring residency for the first two years of the 3-year bachelor’s programme. LUC students will branch out and find their own accommodation in The Hague for their third year of the programme. The rest of Leiden University is not campusbased, but there are housing options around Leiden and The Hague to fit any budget. Our
Student Housing Office is available to assist students with Leiden University housing options, and with the housing application process. Housing is assigned on a first-comefirst-serve basis. Therefore we encourage students to apply for housing as soon as possible and/or to look for housing on their own. Our Housing Office offers suggestions and tips for students who choose this option.

Fenestra Disability Centre

Leiden University offers special facilities to students with disabilities ranging from physical impairments to hearing or visual disabilities, or any other functional impediments. For more information, please e-mail.

Student Career Service

The Student Career Service supports students and alumni of Leiden University in exploring and making effective career choices. The career advisers can help you in developing self-awareness, exploring different job opportunities and, of course, taking any action that may be necessary. Please note that the Student Career Service is not a placement service or a job agency.