Student Life

Many Leiden students are active members of a student/study association and take part in many other extra-curricular activities. This is the ideal way for students to get to know other students outside their study programme, and it’s also good for their personal development.

Study association

Each programme has its own study association, which is run by students of the programme. They organise a range of activities related to the field of study, such as study trips, or a conference with prominent speakers. Students can get more out of your study programmme if they join in the activities, and even more so if they play an active part in organising them. All great ways for students to become involved.

Student association

A student association is the best way to quickly feel at home in Leiden. It’s how you get to know people fast: people who will soon become acquaintances and – before you know it – friends. There are around fifty different student associations in the city, so there is no shortage of choice.

Student sports clubs

At Leiden University, you can take part in a large number of sports, both on a recreational and on a competitive basis. If you already prefer a specific sport. Leiden University students are actively involved in specific sports and have established sports clubs which are only open to students, independently from the Sports Centre. They often work together with and use the training facilities of the University Sports Centre.
Sports on offer

International Student Network

One of the most important for international students is The International Student Network. With their headquarters near the Plexus Student Center in the heart of Leiden, they are responsible for a mentoring programme for new students, social events on a weekly basis, cultural events and to provide a relaxing space for international students to “hang out.”

Tip: The Leidener

The Leidener is a student blog for and by international students of Leiden University. The Leidener consists of a team of bloggers from different nationalities and programmes. The focus is on a wide
variety of topics, including student life, living and studying in The Netherlands, travel experiences and more. We invite you to browse the blog to find something which particularly interests you.