Our programmes at a glance


Location: Leiden Campus
Reconstruct how people lived in the past
Ancient cultures and archaeological research methods, actively participating in excavations
From year one you participate in fieldwork

Arts, Media and Society (specialisation of BA Art History)

Location: Leiden Campus
Examine contemporary art practices in order to find new perspectives on global issues
The opportunity to build both broad and specialist knowledge of how arts, media and society interact with one another.
At the same time students study present-day problems, such as sustainability issues, ecological problems and political troubles.

Dutch Studies

Location: Leiden Campus
Learn Dutch (the best place to learn about Dutch language and culture is in the Netherlands itself)
Study the visual arts of the Low Lands, Dutch literature, linguists and (art) history.
Acquire all the skills necessary to obtain a full understanding of Dutch culture and society.

International Relations and Organisations (specialisation of BSc Political Science)

Location: Campus The Hague
Themes such as war and peace, poverty, refugee crises, humanitarian cooperation, nuclear weapons reduction, globalisation, international conflict and diplomacy are covered in detail.
Address transboundary issues from a social sciences point of view.
A strong focus on current world problems, with particular attention paid to the role of major powers such as China, Russia, the USA and the EU, and organisations such as the IMF, NATO, UN, and the World Bank.

International Studies

Location: Campus The Hague
Interdisciplinary programme
Focus on the political, economic, historical differences between regions
Choose from 8 regions and learn one of the main languages of the region:
East Asia, Latin America, Middle East, North America, Russia and Eurasia, South Asia and Southeast Asia, Africa, Europe

Leiden University College The Hague: Liberal Arts and Sciences: Global Challenges

Location: Campus The Hague (residential Honours college)
Liberal Arts programme with a focus on Global Challenges: Justice, Peace and Sustainability
Compose your own programme around 6 majors: Human Diversity; International Justice,;World Politics; Earth, Energy and Sustainability; Global Public Health; Governance, Economics, and Development

Philosophy: Global and Comparative Perspectives (specialisation of BA Philosophy)

Location: Leiden Campus
Features Western philosophy as well as philosophies from India, East Asia, and the Arab world
Students will have both a thorough foundation in traditional subjects and a broad window onto current issues.
A variety of methods for discussing complex issues, including historical reconstruction, cross-cultural comparison, conceptual analysis and interpretation theory


Location: Leiden Campus
Broad programme which covers virtually all aspects of psychology
Specialise in or combine the following perspectives: Clinical Psychology, Health Psychology, Biopsychology and neuropsychology, Developmental Psychology, Cognitive Psychology, Social Psychology, Organisational Psychology, Methodology

South and Southeast Asian Studies

Location: Leiden Campus
Study the history, culture, religion & politics of India, Tibet or Indonesia.
Learn Hindi, Sanskrit, Indonesian or Tibetan
Focus from the second year onwards on: Modern or Classical South and Southeast Asia’.
Travel in your third year to India or Indonesia to take classes at a local university

Tip: All bachelor’s programmes

Besides this nine English taught bachelor’s programmes Leiden University offers more than 40 bachelor’s programmes taught in Dutch