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Counselor Tour

What comes to mind when you think of the Netherlands? Bicycles? Tulips? Wooden clogs? If there is one thing we can certainly say about the country, it is that increasing numbers of international students are pursuing their studies there. And for good reasons. Many Dutch Research Universities and Universities of Applied Science offer 100% English-taught programs for competitive fees, which score very high in international rankings. Moreover, the Netherlands is a very welcoming country for international students, with excellent study facilities, a high quality of life and high levels of English language proficiency.

We now offer you the opportunity to experience it yourself. Join the Counselor Tour and visit 8+ Dutch institutions of higher education in one compact week. You will hear all about their programmes and see it first-hand. See for yourself why Dutch higher education has such a good reputation! This year’s counselor tour will be held from May 28th to June 2nd. We have a limited amount of places available, so for more details contact Carolyn Barr, contact link below.

If you are unable to join the Counselor Tour, but still want to visit Leiden University and talk and see with our bachelor’s programmes, please contact our International Relations Officer Carolyn Barr.