Admissions and Criteria

Diploma requirements

To help a student decide whether or not to apply in case you have not obtained a Dutch pre-university diploma (VWO diploma), the Admissions Office has drawn up a list of most common foreign / international diplomas (some with grades) that meet the minimum requirements for admission; if a student (expects to) fulfill these, our departments are advised to consider you for general admission to the programme. It is up to the individual departments to decide on admission. In most cases they follow the advice of the Admissions Office. The departments also decide on additional requirements, such as language proficiency and compulsory subjects. Admission to some programmes is selective and may also be based on grades, motivation, an interview, etc.

European diplomas

European Baccalaureate diploma
When a student apply, please do not forget to indicate in which subjects the student has taken his or hers written and oral examinations.

International diplomas

National diplomas

The admissions office has drawn up a list of most national diplomas that meet the minimum requirements for admission. Please note that the list does not represent any statement of equivalency, that it is not complete and that it can also be subject to change. A final decision on admission is taken only after a student has submitted a complete online application for admission.

English Proficiency (for English taught bachelor’s programmes)

Dutch Proficiency (for Dutch programmes)

Minimal requirement is NT2

Math Proficiency

All students who wish to start at LUC The Hague or at the International Bachelor in Psychology need to have a reasonable proficiency in mathematics.
All IB levels of mathematics (Math Studies, Math Standard and Math Higher level) meet the admission criteria; however, for the selection procedure we will take a students level of mathematics and his or hers final grade into account. If a student is doing Maths Studies, the student should aim for a very high score.