The Hague student city

The Hague is the political heart of the Netherlands. It is where the King lives and also where the Dutch Parliament is located. When in the Hague you are almost sure to see Dutch politicians cycling to their parliamentary offices in the centre of the city. The Hague is home to the Peace Palace, and is also the headquarters of the International Court of Justice: the highest body of the UN and the symbol of The Hague as the international City of Peace and Justice. In all, there are more than 130 international organisations based in The Hague, employing some 15,000 people from all corners of the world.

As well as Leiden University’s Campus The Hague, the city also has The Hague University of Applied Sciences, the Royal Conservatory, the Royal Academy of Art and the International University of Hospitality Management. These, together with the nearby beaches, the city’s central location in the Randstad (the bustling heart of the Netherlands) and the lively city centre, make The Hague a true student city.

Attractive centre

Just like Leiden, The Hague has a long history that stretches back to the Middle Ages. The city has an attractive centre where you can enjoy a wealth of cultural events, including classical concerts, art exhibitions and theatre performances. For fans of pop music, The Hague hosts a range of different festivals every year, including Parkpop, Beatstad and Konninnegenach, not to mention the many beach parties at nearby Scheveningen.

Find Your Way in The Hague

Will you study in The Hague? Then we have a new information guide ‘Find Your Way in The Hague’ where you can find all information that you need to know about studying in The Hague! ‘Find your way in the Hague’ contains fun and useful tips and tricks for all the international students in The Hague. Practical tips about transportation, medical facilities and shopping in The Hague as well as information about rules for renting a room, finding work and arranging insurance. This guide will help you get settled so that you have a great time in The Hague. ‘Find your way in The Hague’ is a joint publication by the educational institutions in The Hague.

Student organisations

How many student organisations are there in The Hague? The Hague has almost 20 student organisations that focus on: sport, religion, culture or music. Some student associations are linked to one institution, others are open to all the students of The Hague.


Sports lovers will definitely be in their element in The Hague. If you want to keep fit, you can choose from surfing, squash, hockey or football to name just a few of the possibilities. You can even snowboard or ski!

Shopping or relaxing

Maybe you aren’t the sporty type? In which case, you can shop the full seven days of the week in the centre of The Hague, or sample the city’s many different cafés, coffee places and bars. The Plein and the Grote Markt (two of The Hague’s main city squares), with their open air cafés, are a great place to be if you want to chill out after lectures or meet up with friends.


And what about The Hague’s many theatres where you can enjoy dance performances, theatre productions or opera. If you like museums, you can start by visiting the Communication Museum, the Escher Museum, the Mauritshuis, the Gevangenpoort or Panorama Mesdag. And then you can explore the rest. To make it even more attractive, all students studying in The Hague have a student card that gives them a discount at the city’s museums, theatres and events.

Tip: The HOP

If you’re going to live in The Hague and study at one of Leiden University’s The Hague based institutions, you can take part in the first official The HOPweek! It is a 5-day introduction programme for all Dutch and international students in The Hague. Two mentors will guide your group of about 15 students throughout an amazing programme. They will show you around the city and the beach, you will visit your faculty and meet students from all different studies. You will be introduced to all student initiatives and get to know The Hague’s vibrant night life. Also, The HOP will show you what The Hague has to offer in the area of politics and international relations.