Student associations

Many students at Leiden University are active members of a student association. This is the ideal way to get to know other students outside your study programme, and it’s also good for your personal development.

Study associations

Each programme has its own study association, which is run by students of the programme. They organise a range of activities related to the field of study, such as study trips, or a conference with prominent speakers. You can get more out of your study programmme if you join in the activities, and even more so if you play an active part in organising them.

Student associations

A student association is the best way to quickly feel at home in Leiden. It’s how you get to know people fast: people who will soon become acquaintances and – before you know it – friends. There are around fifty different student associations in the city, so there is no shortage of choice.

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ISN Leiden
The International Student Network (ISN) focuses on all current international and exchange students in Leiden. ISN facilitates academic, social and practical integration through activities and programmes. These activities include cultural and social events, such as trips to various destinations, language exchange, clubs to suit any interest, international dinners and parties. Meanwhile, the ISN mentor programme helps international students with academic and practical integration.
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