Leiden student city

Leiden Experience

More than 20,000 students of Leiden University walk, bike, and live in the narrow streets of Leiden every day, making the city come to life.
This beautiful time lapse and stop motion video is brought to you by our enthusiastic students! Check out their Leiden Experience!

Small city with a lively student community

The history of the close relationship between the city and its university goes back many centuries. Leiden has developed over time into a true student city. A small university city with a lively student community: Leiden is an excellent base for a memorable student experience. The university and its students are a key element of the city’s character. It is a safe, friendly city, with beautiful buildings lining the picturesque canals, several city parks and historic almshouses. The entire city is a culture-lover’s dream. The center is packed with bars and restaurants, alongside over 14 museums. The city is our campus: many of the university’s faculties are housed in historic buildings spread throughout the city. The science laboratories are just outside the center, located in the Bio Science Park. However, all university facilities are within ten minutes cycle ride from the station.

Student Life

Living and studying in The Netherlands off ers many unique cultural opportunities for students. Dutch food, customs, and even learning how to say hello in Dutch are all part of the fun. Leiden is perfectly situated to visit any location within The Netherlands and we encourage students to take advantage of the convenient publictransport to explore and immerse themselves in a new culture. We are also at the doorstep of Europe, so many student adventures await you! Leiden University offers many options for students to be social and to develop themselves personally outside the classroom. There are campus-wide organisations that you can join, such as the International Student Network. The ISN organises social events in Leiden and around The Netherlands so that international students can get to know one another and their environment. It is a place to meet new friends and mentors, learn about other cultures, experience local social destinations and go on roadtrips throughout Europe.

Leiden city of knowledge

City of knowledge
In the past, Leiden was known for its textile industry. Later, other industries set up operations in the city, too, such as metal, printing and canning. From its origins as an industrial city to its 21st century incarnation as a leading centre of the Netherlands knowledge economy, today Leiden’s highest concentrations of jobs are found in biotechnology, education, business services, research and the arts. With its universities (Leiden University and Webster University), college, other educational institutes and a knowledge centre, Leiden is a city of consequence regionally and nationally as well as internationally.